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It can be frustrating when you can’t find out exactly what you are getting, and the price from a website. We want to be totally transparent about this, so here is exactly what you are going to get, and the prices… and remember, you are always covered by the 100% money back guarantee.

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  • Head Puppeteer Sanjay At YOUR Party

    Fresh from the set of internationally acclaimed Charlie and Lola...

    Head Puppeteer Sanjay At YOUR Party

    Sanjay has been a professional actor and puppeteer for 2 decades now. He started out on C-BBC acting along side greats such as Idris Elba and Paul Jones from Manfred Mann. Performing in Family and Children's show such as "Snow White", "Life of Pi" and "Going on a Bear Hunt" has taken him from Hong Kong to Singapore. He was part of the creative team behind the Charlie and Lola stage show which opened at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. THIS is who you are getting at your party.

  • Crazy Science: Real Science, Real Fun!

    Experiments designed by our science consultant in every show...

    Crazy Science: Real Science, Real Fun!

    We believe that just because something is fun, doesn't mean that it can't also carry good messages or leave our kids having learnt something along the way. That's why we brought on Emma J King, our science consultant. Now every party that we have involves at least one "Crazy Science" experiment. The kids *love* it. Everything from small pops to fire and explosions depending on the age of the kids.

  • A REAL Castle at your party!

    A west end quality castle made in theatre workshops...

    A REAL Castle at your party!

    When children walk in and see our Castle - the place where our magical creatures live - we want them to see a real Castle. That's why ours was made by theatre professionals, and has come fresh out of the Polka Theatre workshops, where the set of Charlie and Lola was made.


    We will put your child INSIDE a bubble!


    We love bubbles almost as much as children do, and we wanted to make sure at our parties we took it to another level, that's why we created a mega bubble maker, big enough to put your child INSIDE a giant bubble!

  • Fully interactive show

    Audience participation is a must - our kids are always involved!

    Fully interactive show

    We don't just want our kids to sit and watch quietly, all our shows involve audience participation the entire time! Your kids are going to be jumping, pointing, and getting directly involved with the fun right from the start to the finish.

  • Kids LOVE the Puppets

    Professional puppeteers animate puppets believably!

    Kids LOVE the Puppets

    Any one can waggle a sock puppet - that is not who we are! A professionally trained puppeteer will be the one bringing the characters to life. A puppeteer is someone who is obsessed with bringing real life like qualities to the puppet, someone who revels in that moment when it is so good you forget that there is a man animating it and you talk to the creature as if it is real. That is the quality of entertainer you are getting for your party.

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Early Bird Discount
Booking 6 months in advance?
10% off for booking in advance!
Are you an advance planner? Get rewarded with a happy 10% off by booking 6 months in advance! Plus the standard 100% money back guarantee applies as with all parties
Professional Puppeteer
Castle Chaos
Giant Bubbles
Crazy Science Experiments

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The Full Monty
100% money back guarantee
2 hour Party with all the bells & whistles
This is a full 2 hour party with everything included. This package will see the children fully entertained for the whole party.
Head Puppeteer Sanjay Shelat Guaranteed
Castle Chaos Set
Giant Bubbles
Crazy Science Experiments

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Big Day – Even Bigger!
100% money back guarantee
Want even more?
Get it here!
Get 50% more time for £50 extra!
Usually parties are morning or afternoon, if your party straddles 2 slots or is very far away, then this package may be for you.
Head Puppeteer Sanjay Shelat Guaranteed
Castle Chaos Set
Giant Bubbles
Crazy Science Experiments

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